Sam Moyo (23 September 1954- 22 November 2015)
In deep sorrow we mourn the sudden and untimely death of Sam Moyo, profound scholar and progressive activist, beloved comrade, Member of the Executive Committee of IDEAs. Sam was in New Delhi, India to participate in a conference on "Labour Questions in the Global South" when a car he was travelling in was involved in a terrible accident. Two other friends and colleagues (Marcelo Rosa and Paris Yeros) were injured but Sam was very critically hurt. After a valiant struggle for survival, he passed away in the early hours of 22 November 2015.

Sam was much more than a guiding spirit in many of our activities. He illuminated our lives and work with his sharp intellect, passionate commitment, exemplary integrity and extraordinary energy. His strong sense of Pan African consciousness and wider South solidarity enriched his and our academic endeavour and public dissemination. His analytical insights always provided a fresh and penetrating perspective that enabled us to better understand the complexities of agrarian change and economic realities in Africa and elsewhere.

His death leaves a void that is impossible to fill. We will miss his warmth, affection, generosity and humour and of course his irresistible charm that could disarm the keenest adversary. In particular we will always cherish his ability to live life to the fullest, even in adverse circumstances. Our hearts go out to his family and his innumerable friends in Zimbabwe and across the world. For many of us, this cannot be farewell. A bit of Sam has enriched us forever and will live on inside us.

We hope to have more on Sam Moyo in the days ahead, to honour him and celebrate his extraordinary life. Please send your tributes, memories and other contributions to and

A Condolence Meeting was organised to honour Prof. Sam Moyo and celebrate his extraordinary life on November 24 (Tuesday) at SSS-I Committee Room at 11 a.m. The meeting was webcast live and is now available at

ERF and IDEAs Team
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