In Search of a New Industrial Stimulus
Oct 24th 2014, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The new Modi slogan 'Make in India' is an old idea with a new label and there is no reason to believe that a new label can deliver the success that has been thus far elusive.
On High Interest Rates
Oct 13th 2014, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The RBI's decision to follow a restrictive monetary policy seems to have been influenced by the inflow of foreign finance, even if that is at the expense of growth.
IPR Policy Must Drive Innovation
Oct 8th 2014, Biswajit Dhar
Making a national IPR policy entails a balance between public policy objectives and the private rights of creators; otherwise it may serve only narrow corporate interests.
Factory Wages in India
Oct 14th 2014, C.P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh
The demand for labour market reform is absurd as the wages of the workers account for less than half the total wage and salary bill in the organised industry.
The Bond Rush in Indian Markets
Sep 9th 2014, C.P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh
The government's incentives to foreign investors have resulted in a sharp rise in FPI investments in India's debt market that does impose costs on the nation.
Workshop on “Gender dimensions of paid and unpaid work in China and India”, Kunming, China 26-28 September 2014, organised by Economic Research Foundation, New Delhi and Tsinghua University, Beijing, with support from Ford Foundation.
South-South Tricontinental Collaborative Programme - Seventh South-South Institute "Inequality, Democracy and Development under Neoliberalism and Beyond", 3- 8 November, Bangkok, Thailand- Result.
Call for Applications for the Seventh South-South Institute on "Inequality, Democracy and Development under Neoliberalism and Beyond", 3 - 8 November, 2014, Bangkok, Thailand.
Banking with a Difference
Aug 12th 2014, C.P. Chandrasekhar
Democratic forces in BRICS and other countries have to ensure that the BRICS bank acts differently from existing development banks to be a true alternative as expected.
Budget 2014-15: The continuing neglect of the 'rural'
Aug 4th 2014, Arindam Banerjee
The Budget fails to address the real issues and problems of a crisis-ridden agriculture sector, while expanding expenditure to support farmers and workers is the only way out.
New Macroeconomic Consensus Rules Budget 2014-15
Aug 4th 2014, Rohit
The author critiques the macroeconomic framework that underlies the fiscal consolidation approach of the Union Budget for 2014-15.

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